Sharp Real Estate Services Atlanta Welcomes Maggie Stam Jett

Maggie Stam - Realtor, Associate Broker

Maggie Stam Jett – Realtor, Associate Broker

It has been said that Maggie Stam Jett has real estate built into her DNA.  She started out in the industry early with her first job as a model home hostess while in high school and discovered she loved the entire process from pre-construction to closing.  She decided to make real estate her career and received a Georgia real estate license in the early 90’s.

In the ensuing 18 years Maggie has sold custom-built homes, negotiated commercial and residential leases and purchase & sale agreements, oversaw the disbursement of millions of dollars worth of real estate assets, managed real estate investments, advocated for first-time home buyers,  organized educational opportunities about home ownership for minority communities and, one of her proudest accomplishments, directed a federally-funded housing assistance program for the State of Georgia which helped to provide housing for over 300 families impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

Through years of diverse real estate transaction experiences, Maggie is a well-rounded real estate professional that will help smoothly navigate you through the entire selling or buying process.  Nothing gives her greater satisfaction than helping people get what they want!

In 2013, Maggie jumped at the opportunity to join her family’s real estate brokerage business and continue growing a company based on superior knowledge of the real estate market, sharp negotiating skills and a commitment to helping others.

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Buying a Home Still a Viable Option in 2013, 2014

You have probably heard from your friends or family that it just simply isn’t a good time to buy a house in the near future. While this may be true for home flippers who specialize in selling a home quickly for profit, it doesn’t necessarily ring true for those men, women and families who intend on living in a residence for more than five years. Below are three reasons why it may not be such a bad idea to buy your new piece of Blue Ridge real estate sooner rather than later.

Historically, rates are still low – It is a fact that rates are still lower than they were over two years ago, and much lower than the average long-term rate that is around 8 percent. Rates are hovering around 5 percent at this time, and if we’re speaking historically once again, that is much lower than it has traditionally been.

Renting still more expensive than buying – Even with increases in rates and prices recently, it is still cheaper to buy a home than rent one in the largest real estate markets. In the U.S it is still more than 30% cheaper to buy than to rent, as long as that person or persons remain in that home for more than seven years.

No competing with investors – In the past few years a good amount of realtors and homebuyers have noticed how tough it is to compete against investors when buying a home, as the investors snatched up thousands of properties very quickly. But because foreclosures are trending downward in America, investors have become scarcer, thus giving the average homebuyer more opportunities to find a property that suits them and that is in their price range.

For more information on our properties in Atlanta and in Blue Ridge, GA contact our office today and speak with one of our knowledgeable agents to begin your journey towards owning a new home.

Finding the Right Real Estate Agent

If there was ever a true statement about real estate agents, it is that they are not all created equally. Some real estate agents are spectacular at what they do, and have been able to build a reputation and establish enough connections in their area to be successful. Some are just starting out, and doing their best to become recognized, while others hover around mediocre performance and service. If you’re in the market for a new piece of Blue Ridge real estate, make sure you choose the right agent for you.

Below are some qualities that all great real estate agents should exhibit.

Officially Licensed – This one may sound like a no-brainer, but you only want to work with an agent that is licensed, and one that is in good standing with the community and his or her previous clients. A good way to check reviews on agents is to do a simple Google search on their name, and see what pops up.

Technologically Savvy – The days of looking for homes in glossy magazines are almost gone. More and more consumers in today’s day and age rely on the internet to the information they need pertaining to home buying. You want to look for an agent that has a website, and a good one at that. Stay away from agents with no online presence.

Wealth of Knowledge – An agent that knows how to navigate contracts and negotiate on your behalf is a must. Make sure the agent knows his or her way around the area, and provides you with answers to any questions that you may have about the home buying process.

You can rest assured that every agent at Sharp Real Estate exhibits these qualities, and look forward to hearing from you soon, so that they can help you find the perfect property for you and your family to grow in and enjoy for years to come.

Go Turnkey before Eating Turkey this Fall

Have you ever thought about investing in one of the many North GA cabin rentals that can be found in and around Fannin County? Or perhaps you already own a prime piece of Blue Ridge real estate and you are looking for a trusted, professional vacation rental cabin management company to help you sell your property. If so, continue reading to find out more about how Sharp Real Estate Services’ Turnkey program and how we can help you purchase or view a Turnkey cabin in the North Georgia Mountains.

Acquisition of Property

The professionals at Sharp Real Estate Services, LLC will search the real estate markets relevant to your property that have the best indicators of producing income for you in a healthy rental market with promising growth.

Renovation of Property

At Sharp Real Estate Services, LLC we have been able to establish the right kind of relationships with businesses and contractors with the experience and skill-set to complete minor fixes as well as full-fledged remodeling jobs. All of our renovations are of the highest quality in Georgia to attract the best tenants, but are also done so in a way that is cost effective and profitable for you.

Closing of Property

Our goal is to make you as much money on your investment as we possibly can, as quickly as we can. We do not cut any corners, and always make sure that your property is in the optimum condition for sale. We will do everything in our power to make sure that you are satisfied with the progress of your Turnkey property, and our passionate staff is here to help you along every step of the way.
Please feel free to browse our website to find out more information, and give us a call when you are ready to take the next step in our Turnkey program.

The Beauty of Turnkey Opportunities

There has never been a better time to rely on a trusted company like Sharp Real Estate Services to market your piece of Blue Ridge real estate. Sharp will spend all of the necessary time and energy required to make your property shine, from general contracting to painting. Then only thing that you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch it all come together. Keep on reading to find out just a few of the benefits of selling your property Turnkey.

Sell Your Home Quicker

A lot of buyers in today’s market are simply too busy and don’t have the time, energy or funds to improve or make repairs to a piece of Blue Ridge real estate that they want to buy. Often times they’ll see something as minuscule as chipped paint or a rusted faucet and move on to the next property. With Sharp Real Estate Services, your home will be in tip-top shape for all to see.

Sell Your Home for a Better Price

While there are always fluctuations in the real estate market that are out of our hands, Sharp Real Estate Services always takes the necessary steps to get your home ready for sale as quickly as possible. It is our goal to get you what your home is truly worth.

Sell Your Home without the Stress or Work Involved

An incredible amount of work goes in to preparing your home so that it is ready to go on the market. At Sharp Real Estate Services, we handle all of the “heavy lifting” for you. We have a complete list of trusted contractors that we will hire to perform any type of work that your home needs before it goes up for sale.

Sharp Real Estate Services is here for you whenever you are ready to speak with us about Turnkey opportunities, whether you have property in and around the City of Atlanta or in the mountains of North Georgia.

The Best Blue Ridge Real Estate Properties and the expert Agents that can help you find them.

Listed "TurnKey" by SHARP-RES

Listed “TurnKey” by SHARP-RES

One of the most important pieces of the puzzle that comes with purchasing a majestic Blue Ridge log cabin is making sure that you have the right real estate agent on your side. A real estate agent has many responsibilities, and is a large part of the overall buying experience, so make sure to look for a few of the following traits when you are searching for the right agent.

When your agent takes you out to view a piece of Blue Ridge GA real estate keep an eye out for the small things that help make the property shine. For instance, if you pull up to a home and notice that the driveway is overly dirty or the inside of the home is stuffy or smelly, it may be a sign that your agent has not taken the time to spruce up the house in anticipation of your visit. A real estate agent who takes the time to make sure that air fresheners are changed, dust is cleaned, and blinds are opened is an agent who knows that first impressions are important, and one who has your best interests in mind.

Take the time to notice whether or not your agent goes out of his or her way to give you a list of Blue Ridge real estate properties that he or she has sold, as well as a list of references that can vouch for the work that your agent has done. Any real estate agent worth their salt won’t shy away from showing you any of the impressive work that he or she has done. An agent that is proud of the work that they have done is one who probably wants to continue that streak, and one who will go out of their way to make you happy.

Perhaps the most important trait of a great real estate agent is their ability to communicate with you. It is the real estate agent’s job to make sure that you are kept in the loop – from phone calls that are returned promptly, to updates about a transaction on your potential Blue Ridge cabin, to basic communication skills like talking to you in a friendly manner. If your agent can’t, or for whatever reason won’t, communicate with you in a fashion that is pleasing, odds are they are not the agent for you.

At Sharp Real Estate Services we always strive to employ a team of real estate agents that are competent, experienced and knowledgeable, and who always have your best interest in mind. Give us a call today and see the Sharp difference.

The Fly-In Community Blue Ridge, GA – Blue Ridge Skyport

Blue Ridge Skyport North GA Fly-in CommunityThe Blue Ridge Skyport is a private, rustic home fly-in community that allows its homesite owners the luxury of the only landing strip in Fannin County. The runway is 3,100 feet of asphalt in the center of the community. This unique and one of a kind development is the idea and dream of Jim Clack.

Jim Clack has been on the fast track to success his whole life, and now he’s working on one. Literally. The Blue Ridge Skyport sits on what use to be a drag strip for drag racers looking to get their adrenaline fix, and is located just over the Fannin County line, north of Ellijay at the gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Typically known for their superb apples and superior trout fishing, Blue Ridge, Georgia also boasts the only skyport in the area. At a sprawling 135 acres, the property is quite spectacular. With this in mind Clack is selling a number of lots, with the target buyer being someone who wishes to be closer to their plane.

The Blue Ridge Skyport already houses up to 15 plans different planes and a whole slew of antique cars, each owned by the man who runs the Skyport. Whether it’s on the ground or in the air, Jim Clack knows how to get around. And it’s only fitting for a man who has had his hand in so many different endeavors.

After being drafted during the Korean War and serving our country in Germany, Clack returned home to work for Owens-Illinois Glass Co. for a number of years. Soon after leaving, he found himself towing cars at an Atlanta towing company for more than 30 years. After speaking with him, it seems that wherever he goes or whatever he does, Jim Clack finds success.

“A guy I knew worked there and wanted me to help him buy his wrecker. He said he’d be able to pay me back from his towing work. Before I knew it, I had 10 wreckers and a big business,” Clack exclaimed.

“But I’ve done a little bit of everything. I built houses, commercial buildings and hangers. We had a body shop next to the towing company and fixed up cars and sold ‘em. I even had a liquor store for 5 years.”

Due to his success as an entrepreneur, Clack was able to pursue his love of cars and planes.

These days Clack owns some 20 antique cars, all housed in the Blue Ridge Skyport. From a pair of Model A Fords with rumble seats, to a baby blue 1965 Ford Mustang and a white 1957 Chevrolet with red leather seats and enough shiny chrome to make any car enthusiast squeal in delight, Jim Clack has himself quite a collection. And it doesn’t end there.

“I’ve always wanted to fly. My whole life,” Clack said.

In addition to the three planes that already occupy space in the skyport sits a 1934 Beechcraft T34 trainer, once used by the military to teach new pilots to learn how to fly.  From cars, to planes, to property Jim Clack has seen it all. But one thing still eludes him at the spry age of 79, and that’s flying a helicopter.

“They won’t insure you if you’re over the age of 70 and never had a helicopter license. If you’d had a license before, they would,” explained Clack. “I was 72 at the time. So, I sold the helicopters.”

But he has held onto one last (albeit very interesting) piece of machinery – his gyrocopter.  His goal is to eventually fly it.

“I have a guy coming up here soon and he said he’d teach me how to fly it,” Clack said with a smile on his face.

And if it turns out he can’t fly the gyrocopter, it probably won’t way too heavy on his heart. Knowing Jim Clack, he’ll sell it and get back on the fast track to a new and even more interesting collection.

The excitement around Jim never flutters and the community he has established offers an unprecedented opportunity to pilots and people whose desire is to stay secured to the ground.

Home sites are available now and exclusively marketed by Sharp Real Estate Services in Blue Ridge, GA.

View The Blue Ridge Skyport Site Plan here

Important Questions to Ask if You Are Building a Cabin in Blue Ridge, GA

The 2012 Blue Ridge Builder’s Showcase hosted by the Fannin County Builders Association is coming back to downtown Blue Ridge on Saturday, October 6th, 2012 from 10:00am until 8:00pm. This Event will feature local builders who set up expos in the city park to feature their skills and meet prospective customers. Having good questions and proper representation is the answer to selecting the right builder.

Building a home can be a dream come true or a nightmare. Experience pays and that’s why having a Real Estate Agent is a worthwhile investment…Agents with SHARP Real Estate Services in Blue Ridge, GA offer valuable insights and time tested knowledge so you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands.

Finding a builder who can transform your vision into reality can result in a new home that will lead to years of protection and satisfaction for you and your family. Subsequently the most important first step is selecting the right Brokerage Company or Agent, followed by the Builder. You should be prepared to ask plenty of important questions for both selections. We have provided a list of questions to ask a new home builder up-front. These questions offer a useful starting point for formulating your own set of inquiries.

Here are some relevant questions to ask a new home builder.

The FIRST Question:

  • Ask yourself… What does my gut say, do I like this person, do they present themselves in a professional way and do we communicate well?

Logistical Issues:

  • How many years have you been in business? Are you financially strong?
  • How do you compare with other builders?
  • Why are your prices higher/lower?
  • What is your price range are you comfortable building in?
  • What is the typical timeframe or length of time it takes to build a new home?
  • Do you have specific type of floor plans do you offer?
  • How long has this plan been built? Will my home be the first?
  • What kinds of amenities and upgrades do you provide?
  • If I have a home to sell, will the builder let me purchase a home contingent upon the successful sale and closing of my current home?
  • Has there been any special assessment financing for this property?
  • What is standard in our home and what is an upgrade?
  • Could window coverings or additional tint on large fixed glass windows be installed during the building process and included in the mortgage? Note, Sharp Real Estate Services offers window coverings in Blue Ridge and Atlanta, GA. A quote can be provided to you or your builder.
  • What type of financing is required to buy from you or build with you?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer?
  • Are material installations performed by your workers does not void the warranties?
  • How do change orders work with you?
  • How often will I have access to the home during the building process?

Additional Expenses:

  • How much are the taxes, and are there Home Owners Association (HOA) dues for the area I’m interested in?
  • Is there a lot premium for the home site? Should I pay for one?
  • Are there any other hidden costs?
  • How do handle a contractor error, do you pay to fix it or pass the cost on to me?

Land and Safety Concerns:

  • What is the water like in the area?
  • What type of TV, telephone and internet service is available in the area i am interested?
  • Who installs the well, is it shared?
  • What will be built on the adjoining/adjacent properties?
  • Who installs the septic system?
  • How is any undeveloped property zoned?
  • Has a soil test been done, and has it passed inspection?
  • Could you show me a plat of the actual lot to evaluate any possible easements?
  • How can I ensure that this home will be built completely code-compliant?

Construction-Related Considerations:

  • How can you ensure that my house will reflect my individual style? What types of interior finishes and upgrades could you provide, and do you offer the services of a professional interior designer to implement my visions?
  • What kind of drainage system will the home site have? Is it the correct one?
  • Does the community have an architectural control committee?

Reputation and Stability Issues:

  • Ask your builder for a list of referrals. Is there a list of homebuyers in the community that would give the builder a good recommendation?
  • Ask for a list of several of the builder’s properties in your area that will give you a broad representation of his or her work. Take a close look at the quality of those properties.
  • What is the average length of time both the sales and construction personnel remain with you? A builder who swings from area to area or broker to broker should be avoided!
  • Ask whether the builder has ever been associated with a builder that filed for bankruptcy. Builders often file for bankruptcy, abandon their home buyers, and start up their practices under new names.
  • What associations or trades group is the builder a member of or recognized by?

Customer Service Issues:

  • How responsive and accountable are you in terms of customer service? Are your existing homeowners satisfied?
  • Explain your processes and systems. Do you provide literature that specifies what I can expect while you are building my home?
  • Who can I go to with questions when visiting the new home site? Is there a specific contact person who can answer questions about the process for building my home?
  • What is the customer service policy after I move in? When and how often will you check in on my home?
  • Some home builders have computerized systems that keep track of all finances and/ or customer service follow-ups that can let you know how consistent and responsive they really are. Ask builders whether you can see records from these systems.
  • Do you have an office or do you build out of your truck?

The above questions are a sampling of the many issues you should flesh out before deciding to hire a builder for your new home. Asking good questions and receiving good answers is necessary to achieve strong communication between both parties. Communication and trust are vitally important to avoid problems and delays, and keep extraneous expenses down.

Sharp Real Estate Services is located in downtown Blue Ridge across from the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway depot at 240 West Main Street. Feel free to stop by and visit the Agent or duty or to set an appointment.

Learn more at or call 706-946-9400

Discover the Difference with Sharp Real Estate Services in Blue Ridge, GA

The benefits of building a cabin on a Lot in Stuart Highlands with Scenic Mountain Construction are Better here!

Building a cabin is widely recognized as a dream for almost anyone who wants to own a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. Sharp Real Estate in Blue Ridge, GA offers several unique opportunities for buyers and sellers in the North Georgia Mountains.

Have you ever wanted to ‘try before you buy’? Well look no further. The partnership between Sharp Real Estate Services, Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals and builders in Blue Ridge, GA gives you that opportunity to try before you buy. Scenic Mountain Construction is building several spec cabin and custom built cabin types on Stuart Highlands Mountain near the North Georgia Mountain towns of McCayesville and Blue Ridge, GA. The builders have also built several other cabins in many locations around Blue Ridge such as the Aska Adventure Area, Mineral Bluff and near the Cohutta or Cherry Log Mountain.  One of their most recent sales was near the city of Blue Ridge, literally with 5 minutes of down town. The property was purchased by a couple from Florida who had owned a cabin in Blue Ridge before and longed to return. When they were presented the opportunity to buy and saw the craftsmanship offered they could not resist. They prepared the property for rental and listed it with Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals. Now this property is available for rent and a vacation home. You can find this property called Sunset Paradise on Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals website under the “Luxury Cabin Rentals” tab. Renting this property for a week could give great insight in to the amenities and feature that you would  like to include in a cabin that you build or buy from Scenic Mountain Construction.

This leads us to our next opportunity. Sharp Real Estate Services and Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals offer another unique benefit called Turnkey Cabins. This program allows existing cabin owners who are actively renting with Southern Comfort to list their property for sale with a Sharp Real Estate Agent “turnkey” fully furnished with income on the books! This allows both the seller and the buyer another try before you buy experience.

The owners of Sharp Real Estate Services have always been cutting edge and ahead of the curve but balanced and firmly planted in time tested principles that create success. “A win win is what we are aiming for!”

You can contact Sharp Real Estate Services in Blue Ridge, GA to learn more about buying, selling, or renting a vacation cabin in North Georgia.


Blue Ridge Mountains Triathlon right outside your Blue Ridge Log Home.

The Tri the Mountains Triathlon in Blue Ridge, Georgia is quickly becoming an attraction for those who love to challenge themselves in a rewarding, vigorous and adventurous way. Composed of three legs, health conscious individuals and relay teams come from far and wide to try and accomplish their goals while also contributing to a good cause, with a portion of the proceeds from the event going towards St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital.
Festivities begin with a 600 yard swim which starts in the clear, pristine waters of Lake Blue Ridge and is a one loop lap around a triangular course, which is arranged for a competitively fast first leg of the day.

Once out of the water athletes run up the boat ramp to the transition area, where the biking leg of the race begins. Bikers will explore an 18 mile out and back course crossing over Lake Blue Ridge with the picturesque North Georgia Mountains towering in the background. The racers will then cycle up a slight climb out of the Blue Ridge Marina to a right on Old Hwy 76, and then enjoy the first of many enthralling downhill rides.
Finally comes the 3.2 mile run, which leaves the Blue Ridge Marina on a slight climb and eventually leads downhill towards the shopping and restaurants of Historic Downtown Blue Ridge. Participants are applauded as they enter, running past the shops, restaurants and lines of raucous fans until they cross the finish line.

Known for its post-race festivities, including fun activities for kids like a race around Downtown, Tri the Mountains Triathlon hosts a ceremony and meal for competitors underneath the trees of Downtown Blue Ridge City Park. Racers can be seen congregating around a host of North Georgia cuisine catered by Harvest on Main, a fine dining establishment in the heart of Downtown Blue Ridge. It is recommended that all attendees stick around for the after party and congratulate those who took part in the event. More often than not those looking for a full vacation getaway experience will book a vacation cabin rental the weekend of the event, so they can see everything Blue Ridge, Georgia has to offer!