Blue Ridge Log Cabins and the many things to do in Blue Ridge GA.

There is so much to do in North Georgia and particularly in Blue Ridge, Georgia that it can be hard to decide what to do first when you finally make your way to the mountains! If you’re planning your vacation getaway for August, make sure to attend The Kiwanis Club of Blue Ridge and the Mountain Valley Motor’s 16th Annual Championship Rodeo.

Taking place from August 17th to the 18th this year at 8pm on the Kiwanis Fairgrounds, this 16 year North Georgia tradition can be traced back to the Kiwanis Club of Blue Ridge, Georgia which originally signed its charter in 1931. Making up the club are local business leaders and residents belonging to the community. Sharing friendships, aiding local Blue Ridge organizations and establishing friendships is key to their purpose.
The Fairgrounds, on which this year’s rodeo will take place, was given as a gift to the Kiwanis Club from a longtime member. Fast forward to 2012, and it is clear that the Fairgrounds are a thriving North Georgia landmark, as they host a slew of events from circuses and auctions to bingo events and more on a regular basis.

This western rodeo event comes packed with action and fun, and includes Bareback Riding, Calf Roping, Barrell Racing, Steer Wrestling, Team Roping and most importantly bull riding. The residents of Blue Ridge, Georgia come out in droves for the bull riding, but always stick around for the steer dressing contest off of E. 2nd Street.

Advanced tickets may be purchased beginning August 1st at United Community Bank ,Kevin Panter Insurance, Parris Pharmacy, BB&T of Blue Ridge and Appalachian Community Bank. If you have any questions call 706-632-6644.

Blue Ridge Log Homes for Sale and Downtown Blue Ridge Activities.

The city of Blue Ridge, Georgia is quickly becoming one of the hottest tourist destinations in Georgia. Located just over an hour outside of Atlanta, Downtown Blue Ridge gives one all of the small-town feel of Mayberry while offering a plethora of attractions and activities for families, groups of vacationers and Blue Ridge Real Estate buyers and owners to enjoy. From Stand-up paddle boarding and trout fishing to the amazing Blue Ridge Log Homes and one of the last drive-in movie theatres still operating in the state, there is no shortage of things to do this summer, and the month of August is no different.

While you are searching for the perfect property of high quality Blue Ridge Real Estate, make sure you check out the art galleries on West Main Street this August. The Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association is putting on one of their most exciting and interesting exhibits to date, called “Off the Wall” which features 3D art from their current artist in residence, Tonekee Runinwater Henderson. The artist in residence initiative is one that allows artists to display their work on a regular basis for all of the people of Blue Ridge and beyond to view. The main exhibit gallery, which is called The Richard Low Evans Gallery, is a platform for visiting artists to display their exhibits. This gallery is also the location for national shows and member shows.

The history of the Arts Association began as early as 1974, with the founding members contemplating how to show artwork to adults and children alike in historic Downtown Blue Ridge. The Blue Ridge Arts Association was officially born in 1980 with a grant from the Georgia Council for the Arts. After years of hosting exhibits in cramped, overly stuffed rooms the Arts Association eventually moved into what was once the Fannin County Courthouse. Since 2006 the Arts Association not only displays art with their Galleries on West Main, but hosts other events such as concerts, classes, and youth summer camps.

The galleries are open from 10am-6pm Tuesday through Sunday (closed Monday). For more information call 706-632-7785.

Blue Ridge Log Cabins and River Rafting Adventures

It is officially summer time in Georgia, and as more and more home buyers travel from all around the state to look at the one of a kind Blue Ridge Realty options, families are looking for adventurous ways to cool off during their search while they spend a little time in the North Georgia Mountains. If you’re in the area and need a break from scouting the prime locations for Blue Ridge Log Homes, look no further than the whitewater rafting on the Toccoa and Ocoee River.

The cool, clean swift-moving waters of Lake Blue Ridge begin as the Toccoa River, but changes names to the Ocoee River near the border of Tennessee and Georgia. Tourists, Blue Ridge Log Cabin owners, locals, tubers and kayakers all flock to the area not only the beautiful scenery that can be viewed whilst traversing the Ocoee, but also for the Class 3 and Class 4 rapids that really get your blood flowing and make things exciting. The rapids start west of Ducktown, TN. There are several options for the novice and veteran alike, with trips featuring the Upper Ocoee, which includes a rigorous course designed for the ‘96 Olympic Games at the Ocoee Whitewater Center, a five mile ride of both class 3 and 4 rapids on the Middle Ocoee, and for those looking for a complete whitewater experience, a full whitewater ride which encompasses both the Upper and Middle areas of the river.

It should be noted that the Full River and Upper River adventures can only be experienced on certain days and weekends within the summer, so while you are checking out the fabulous Blue Ridge Realty in the area, make sure to call a local rafting company and see if there are seats available. Due to the high level whitewater rapids that you can find on the Ocoee, rafting trips are typically most enjoyed by adults and children over the age of 12.
A whitewater adventure is the perfect way to cool off for you and your family or group of friends, and is the perfect complement to a North Georgia Mountain getaway vacation. Make sure to stop by the Blue Ridge Adventure Center on 240 West Main Street for all the whitewater rafting information you need!

Ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad and find quality time in the mountains

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway picture provided by Justin Rush

If you are planning a trip to the Blue Ridge, Ga. area this summer or fall to look at some Blue Ridge Log Cabins Real Estate , (rh) be sure to discover more with a trip on the historic Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. The Blue Ridge Scenic Railway depot is conveniently located in the center of downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia near all the dining and shopping.

There are several round trips scheduled in July with travel winding around the scenic Toccoa River and stops in the towns of McCaysville, Ga. and Copperhill, Tenn. It’s a four hour trip over 26 miles long. Each railway car is vintage, well maintained and has a bit of history that will be shared by the car volunteers. The Blue Ridge Sceninc Railway offers climate controlled cars or you can choose an open rail car. You can also choose a trip that includes a two hour layover for you to enjoy the town of McCaysville, Ga.

This area of the North Mountains is a Mecca for antique lovers and for buying handmade crafts. You will have plenty of time to shop or grab a bite to eat at the local restaurants like the Pearly Gates Café before heading back to Blue Ridge. Once you are back in Downtown Blue Ridge it’s easy to continue your business at Blue Ridge Realty because the office is directly across West Main Street from the Depot. Walk-ins are welcome or you may call ahead and schedule an appointment with one of their friendly and experienced Realtors who can help you to find the perfect second home or vacation rental amongst the numerous offering of Real Estate in Blue Ridge Mountains Ga. area.

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Ticket costs are $17 for children ages 2 and up, $28 for seniors, $33 for adults and $21.45 for military. You can even order the tickets online at or call for reservations at 1-877-413-8724.

Now is the Time to Buy Real Estate in Blue Ridge, GA.

New Cabins Available at Stuart Highlands

If you are in the market for the perfect mountain getaway that you can use for a vacation home, or if you are looking for a nice second home for your family, now is a great time to be looking at real estate in Blue Ridge Mountains, Ga. for many reasons.

Why Buy A Home in Blue Ridge Area?

The home market in the scenic area of the Stuart highlands is full of beautiful log cabin homes, as well as country cottages or larger family homes near the downtown area of Blue Ridge.

Home loan interest rates are down and you can find some great deals on all kinds of properties from short sales or foreclosures to regular conventional properties. Building a custom home is always a good option with the low lot and land prices in today’s market. Just come to view the Blue Ridge Real Estate listings and you are bound to find your dream home or investment amongst them.

If you are looking for a friendly, hometown type of atmosphere then you can’t go wrong with the city of Blue Ridge, Ga and the surrounding region. There is plenty to do in Blue Ridge all year round from camping, to hunting or fishing on Lake Blue Ridge in the summer, to relaxing by a warm fireplace in the wintertime with a cup of cocoa as you gaze out your window.

Whatever sort of mountain home you desire, you can find it through Blue Ridge Georgia Real Estate listings today!

Fly Fishing Properties In Blue Ridge, GA

In a recent interview with a local Trout and fly fishing guide in North GA, CJ Stam General Manager of Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals in Blue Ridge discussed the benefits and opportunities of owning a Fly Fishing Property in the North Georgia Mountain near the city of Blue Ridge. Blue Ridge, Ga is less than 100 miles from the Atlanta International Airport. Recognized as a popular vacation destination with a strong market for second homes and outdoor activities , Blue Ridge is still on the cusp of major growth in the next 10 years.

What is a fly fishing property? “This is a property that has year-round running cool water.”

What the optimal temperature? “The water needs to be cooler than 68 degrees.”

Are these properties easy to find? “No, most streams in North Georgia do not keep a cool enough temperature to sustain trout. Tout will relocate to the cooler streams. Stock trout migrate to the water temperature where they were raised. There is one federal and one state hatchery and 4 private hatcheries stocking North Georgia. The state and Federal hatcheries only stock Public lands. Upper River Adventures spends upward of $10,000 per mile of managed stream. We have customers who have fished in exotic places like Patagonia or New Zealand and state that our stream is 10 ties times better at 1/20 the cost!”

How many cool water streams in North Georgia would you say have property that you can buy on? “5 water ways.  1 river and 4 streams.”

How much would you say is the average cost of an acre on a fly fishing stream? “$30 to $50,000 per acre.”

Would you advise someone to buy an existing property or buy land and build? “This will be based on the desire of the buyer. Both options are viable and we will explore both when we meet to determine a buyer buyer’s goals and time frame for purchase. Someone can buy land and hold until they are ready to build.”

Why was Fannin county North Georgia designated the Trout Fishing Capital? “This is because of the total number of cool water streams and public access to these streams. Our altitude and the close proximity of the streams to each other was very helpful in getting this designation.”

So if someone was able to find private property that they could buy on a cool year-round stream, it would be a good investment? “Absolutely!  These types of properties took the smallest hit in the real estate down turn and they were the first to recover.”

Should someone who is not a fisherman or angler consider buying this type of property? “Yes, for the investment and tranquil attributes of being on rushing water. All your senses are affected by this, the sound, the smell, the cool air. It’s all there.”

Who is the perfect buyer of this type of property? “Anyone looking for a good return on their investment. Both monetarily and for personal enjoyment.”

Would a fly fishing property near Blue Ridge make a good vacation cabin rental? “Excellent cabin rental opportunity! I would defiantly refer my customers to these properties and in some cases would even be willing to guide there as well.”


Why Blue Ridge for your Second Home

Blue Ridge is the perfect market for your Second Home, Investment or future Retirement Home

Creek Side Hideaway – Perfect waterfront vacation rental in Blue Ridge, GA

I believe that what you do speak’ s more loudly than what you say.  So when asked by my friends and business associations why my family purchased 2 Luxury Cabins on the side of a mountain in Blue Ridge Georgia in 2006 and then added these  Blue Ridge investment properties to  a vacation rental company located in downtown Blue Ridge, the answer is simple… you should always shoot with the next shot in mind! As a famous hockey player once said: “ You skate where the puck is going not where it is”.  We saw the swelling interest in Blue Ridge from “baby boomers” and younger ambitious entrepreneurs. We saw a balanced convergence of wealth and growth.  They were coming to Blue Ridge in a steady stream for their own reasons and mostly to escape the rat race.  Even the financial “correction” of 2008 hurt a little but amazingly Blue Ridge weathered the storm and is stronger than ever.   Frankly it is amazing.   Blue Ridge is a place we trust where the air is clean and the water is pure!   The area has so many fun and enjoyable activities, art exhibits, festivals, quaint shops and restaurants to enjoy yet just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of city life yet close enough that you can cruise into Metro Atlanta for an occasional concert, theater or big city dining experience and be back in Blue Ridge in about one and half hours.    The location is simply perfect.  So we invested and continue to do so!

Now more confidently than ever we are proud to recommend to our friends, acquaintances, business associations and family members to entertain the concept of buying a well-appointed custom cabin in Blue Ridge.   One designed and built by our incredibly successful award winning Builder Team and managed by Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals.  Depending on your desire, your cabin could be on Lake Blue Ridge, a mountain top or side thereof with awesome long range vistas, on a river or creek or even nestled among hemlocks in a deep forest.   Let your imagination carry you to that perfect place and then we will find the spot and build your dream!    WE even have an awesome Mountain with views of North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia just waiting for you to choose your lot!  The lots have underground utilities, fiber optics, paved roads, long range views, forest glades…a short 15 minute drive from downtown Blue Ridge.
Just imagine owning a cabin or lodge that is designed to be either a year-round home or a part-time 2nd home.  One that happy “paying guests enjoy on their families vacations – year after year building their memories at your beautiful property”!  Best of all, your guest’s enjoyment  and relaxing times will assist you pay for your dream retirement home and/or your new business real estate venture that someday could be your home in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains!  Always check with your CPA as to the multiple financial benefits that may be possible for you.

It is our pleasure and reward to be of service.  As the teams of Southern Comfort  Cabin Rentals and SHARP Real Estates Services say:     “Find quality time with us by experiencing gracious hospitality and true Southern Comfort of Blue Ridge in a Cabin or Lodge of your very own!”


Author: Bobbie Stam Boyken