Buying a Home Still a Viable Option in 2013, 2014

You have probably heard from your friends or family that it just simply isn’t a good time to buy a house in the near future. While this may be true for home flippers who specialize in selling a home quickly for profit, it doesn’t necessarily ring true for those men, women and families who intend on living in a residence for more than five years. Below are three reasons why it may not be such a bad idea to buy your new piece of Blue Ridge real estate sooner rather than later.

Historically, rates are still low – It is a fact that rates are still lower than they were over two years ago, and much lower than the average long-term rate that is around 8 percent. Rates are hovering around 5 percent at this time, and if we’re speaking historically once again, that is much lower than it has traditionally been.

Renting still more expensive than buying – Even with increases in rates and prices recently, it is still cheaper to buy a home than rent one in the largest real estate markets. In the U.S it is still more than 30% cheaper to buy than to rent, as long as that person or persons remain in that home for more than seven years.

No competing with investors – In the past few years a good amount of realtors and homebuyers have noticed how tough it is to compete against investors when buying a home, as the investors snatched up thousands of properties very quickly. But because foreclosures are trending downward in America, investors have become scarcer, thus giving the average homebuyer more opportunities to find a property that suits them and that is in their price range.

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