The Fly-In Community Blue Ridge, GA – Blue Ridge Skyport

Blue Ridge Skyport North GA Fly-in CommunityThe Blue Ridge Skyport is a private, rustic home fly-in community that allows its homesite owners the luxury of the only landing strip in Fannin County. The runway is 3,100 feet of asphalt in the center of the community. This unique and one of a kind development is the idea and dream of Jim Clack.

Jim Clack has been on the fast track to success his whole life, and now he’s working on one. Literally. The Blue Ridge Skyport sits on what use to be a drag strip for drag racers looking to get their adrenaline fix, and is located just over the Fannin County line, north of Ellijay at the gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Typically known for their superb apples and superior trout fishing, Blue Ridge, Georgia also boasts the only skyport in the area. At a sprawling 135 acres, the property is quite spectacular. With this in mind Clack is selling a number of lots, with the target buyer being someone who wishes to be closer to their plane.

The Blue Ridge Skyport already houses up to 15 plans different planes and a whole slew of antique cars, each owned by the man who runs the Skyport. Whether it’s on the ground or in the air, Jim Clack knows how to get around. And it’s only fitting for a man who has had his hand in so many different endeavors.

After being drafted during the Korean War and serving our country in Germany, Clack returned home to work for Owens-Illinois Glass Co. for a number of years. Soon after leaving, he found himself towing cars at an Atlanta towing company for more than 30 years. After speaking with him, it seems that wherever he goes or whatever he does, Jim Clack finds success.

“A guy I knew worked there and wanted me to help him buy his wrecker. He said he’d be able to pay me back from his towing work. Before I knew it, I had 10 wreckers and a big business,” Clack exclaimed.

“But I’ve done a little bit of everything. I built houses, commercial buildings and hangers. We had a body shop next to the towing company and fixed up cars and sold ‘em. I even had a liquor store for 5 years.”

Due to his success as an entrepreneur, Clack was able to pursue his love of cars and planes.

These days Clack owns some 20 antique cars, all housed in the Blue Ridge Skyport. From a pair of Model A Fords with rumble seats, to a baby blue 1965 Ford Mustang and a white 1957 Chevrolet with red leather seats and enough shiny chrome to make any car enthusiast squeal in delight, Jim Clack has himself quite a collection. And it doesn’t end there.

“I’ve always wanted to fly. My whole life,” Clack said.

In addition to the three planes that already occupy space in the skyport sits a 1934 Beechcraft T34 trainer, once used by the military to teach new pilots to learn how to fly.  From cars, to planes, to property Jim Clack has seen it all. But one thing still eludes him at the spry age of 79, and that’s flying a helicopter.

“They won’t insure you if you’re over the age of 70 and never had a helicopter license. If you’d had a license before, they would,” explained Clack. “I was 72 at the time. So, I sold the helicopters.”

But he has held onto one last (albeit very interesting) piece of machinery – his gyrocopter.  His goal is to eventually fly it.

“I have a guy coming up here soon and he said he’d teach me how to fly it,” Clack said with a smile on his face.

And if it turns out he can’t fly the gyrocopter, it probably won’t way too heavy on his heart. Knowing Jim Clack, he’ll sell it and get back on the fast track to a new and even more interesting collection.

The excitement around Jim never flutters and the community he has established offers an unprecedented opportunity to pilots and people whose desire is to stay secured to the ground.

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