Important Questions to Ask if You Are Building a Cabin in Blue Ridge, GA

The 2012 Blue Ridge Builder’s Showcase hosted by the Fannin County Builders Association is coming back to downtown Blue Ridge on Saturday, October 6th, 2012 from 10:00am until 8:00pm. This Event will feature local builders who set up expos in the city park to feature their skills and meet prospective customers. Having good questions and proper representation is the answer to selecting the right builder.

Building a home can be a dream come true or a nightmare. Experience pays and that’s why having a Real Estate Agent is a worthwhile investment…Agents with SHARP Real Estate Services in Blue Ridge, GA offer valuable insights and time tested knowledge so you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands.

Finding a builder who can transform your vision into reality can result in a new home that will lead to years of protection and satisfaction for you and your family. Subsequently the most important first step is selecting the right Brokerage Company or Agent, followed by the Builder. You should be prepared to ask plenty of important questions for both selections. We have provided a list of questions to ask a new home builder up-front. These questions offer a useful starting point for formulating your own set of inquiries.

Here are some relevant questions to ask a new home builder.

The FIRST Question:

  • Ask yourself… What does my gut say, do I like this person, do they present themselves in a professional way and do we communicate well?

Logistical Issues:

  • How many years have you been in business? Are you financially strong?
  • How do you compare with other builders?
  • Why are your prices higher/lower?
  • What is your price range are you comfortable building in?
  • What is the typical timeframe or length of time it takes to build a new home?
  • Do you have specific type of floor plans do you offer?
  • How long has this plan been built? Will my home be the first?
  • What kinds of amenities and upgrades do you provide?
  • If I have a home to sell, will the builder let me purchase a home contingent upon the successful sale and closing of my current home?
  • Has there been any special assessment financing for this property?
  • What is standard in our home and what is an upgrade?
  • Could window coverings or additional tint on large fixed glass windows be installed during the building process and included in the mortgage? Note, Sharp Real Estate Services offers window coverings in Blue Ridge and Atlanta, GA. A quote can be provided to you or your builder.
  • What type of financing is required to buy from you or build with you?
  • What kind of warranty do you offer?
  • Are material installations performed by your workers does not void the warranties?
  • How do change orders work with you?
  • How often will I have access to the home during the building process?

Additional Expenses:

  • How much are the taxes, and are there Home Owners Association (HOA) dues for the area I’m interested in?
  • Is there a lot premium for the home site? Should I pay for one?
  • Are there any other hidden costs?
  • How do handle a contractor error, do you pay to fix it or pass the cost on to me?

Land and Safety Concerns:

  • What is the water like in the area?
  • What type of TV, telephone and internet service is available in the area i am interested?
  • Who installs the well, is it shared?
  • What will be built on the adjoining/adjacent properties?
  • Who installs the septic system?
  • How is any undeveloped property zoned?
  • Has a soil test been done, and has it passed inspection?
  • Could you show me a plat of the actual lot to evaluate any possible easements?
  • How can I ensure that this home will be built completely code-compliant?

Construction-Related Considerations:

  • How can you ensure that my house will reflect my individual style? What types of interior finishes and upgrades could you provide, and do you offer the services of a professional interior designer to implement my visions?
  • What kind of drainage system will the home site have? Is it the correct one?
  • Does the community have an architectural control committee?

Reputation and Stability Issues:

  • Ask your builder for a list of referrals. Is there a list of homebuyers in the community that would give the builder a good recommendation?
  • Ask for a list of several of the builder’s properties in your area that will give you a broad representation of his or her work. Take a close look at the quality of those properties.
  • What is the average length of time both the sales and construction personnel remain with you? A builder who swings from area to area or broker to broker should be avoided!
  • Ask whether the builder has ever been associated with a builder that filed for bankruptcy. Builders often file for bankruptcy, abandon their home buyers, and start up their practices under new names.
  • What associations or trades group is the builder a member of or recognized by?

Customer Service Issues:

  • How responsive and accountable are you in terms of customer service? Are your existing homeowners satisfied?
  • Explain your processes and systems. Do you provide literature that specifies what I can expect while you are building my home?
  • Who can I go to with questions when visiting the new home site? Is there a specific contact person who can answer questions about the process for building my home?
  • What is the customer service policy after I move in? When and how often will you check in on my home?
  • Some home builders have computerized systems that keep track of all finances and/ or customer service follow-ups that can let you know how consistent and responsive they really are. Ask builders whether you can see records from these systems.
  • Do you have an office or do you build out of your truck?

The above questions are a sampling of the many issues you should flesh out before deciding to hire a builder for your new home. Asking good questions and receiving good answers is necessary to achieve strong communication between both parties. Communication and trust are vitally important to avoid problems and delays, and keep extraneous expenses down.

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