Discover the Difference with Sharp Real Estate Services in Blue Ridge, GA

The benefits of building a cabin on a Lot in Stuart Highlands with Scenic Mountain Construction are Better here!

Building a cabin is widely recognized as a dream for almost anyone who wants to own a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA. Sharp Real Estate in Blue Ridge, GA offers several unique opportunities for buyers and sellers in the North Georgia Mountains.

Have you ever wanted to ‘try before you buy’? Well look no further. The partnership between Sharp Real Estate Services, Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals and builders in Blue Ridge, GA gives you that opportunity to try before you buy. Scenic Mountain Construction is building several spec cabin and custom built cabin types on Stuart Highlands Mountain near the North Georgia Mountain towns of McCayesville and Blue Ridge, GA. The builders have also built several other cabins in many locations around Blue Ridge such as the Aska Adventure Area, Mineral Bluff and near the Cohutta or Cherry Log Mountain.  One of their most recent sales was near the city of Blue Ridge, literally with 5 minutes of down town. The property was purchased by a couple from Florida who had owned a cabin in Blue Ridge before and longed to return. When they were presented the opportunity to buy and saw the craftsmanship offered they could not resist. They prepared the property for rental and listed it with Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals. Now this property is available for rent and a vacation home. You can find this property called Sunset Paradise on Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals website under the “Luxury Cabin Rentals” tab. Renting this property for a week could give great insight in to the amenities and feature that you would  like to include in a cabin that you build or buy from Scenic Mountain Construction.

This leads us to our next opportunity. Sharp Real Estate Services and Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals offer another unique benefit called Turnkey Cabins. This program allows existing cabin owners who are actively renting with Southern Comfort to list their property for sale with a Sharp Real Estate Agent “turnkey” fully furnished with income on the books! This allows both the seller and the buyer another try before you buy experience.

The owners of Sharp Real Estate Services have always been cutting edge and ahead of the curve but balanced and firmly planted in time tested principles that create success. “A win win is what we are aiming for!”

You can contact Sharp Real Estate Services in Blue Ridge, GA to learn more about buying, selling, or renting a vacation cabin in North Georgia.